The Vegetarian Chance

So I am living without fats, without meat, without fish, but am feeling quite well this way. It always seems to me that man was not born to be a carnivore."(Albert Einstein) August 3, 1953

La locandina del festival The Vegetarian Chance / The program of The Vegetarian Chance festival

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Saturday June 11

At the Forum of Cultures «Khaled al-Asaad» (groundfloor)

11.30 Show cooking by chef Simone Salvini, Kichari: rice and lentils the mediterranean way

13.30 Show cooking by health&food coach Jenny Sugar, Whole vegan desserts in the world, in cooperation with Domori

At the Auditorium (first floor)

14.45 Artistic exhibition by food designer Agnese Z’Graggen, Jewels for a night

16.00 Round table about Vegetarianism: return to the origins of civilizations or peak into the future? Participants: Remo Egardi, biologist, Giulia Innocenzi, journalist and tv presenter, Paola Maugeri journalist and tv presenter, Pietro Leemann, chef and nutritionist. Conductor: Gabriel Eschenazi, journalist.

Roberta Cecchetto, team member of the Good Planet Foundation, presents two documentaries by Yann Arthus Bertrand:

18.00/20.00 A Thirsty World the future of water, precious and wasted resource

20.30/22.00 Terra the story of life and the isolation of man


Sunday June 12

10.30/13:30 The international contest (by invitation only). Participants: Gianfranco Ceccato (Switzerland), Andy Ferrucci (Italy), Sabina Joksimovic (Serbia), Masayuki Okuda (Japan), Tommaso Segato (Italy), Fabio Vacca (Italy), Lennart van Weert (Netherlands), Antonio Zaccardi (Italy).

At the Forum of Cultures «Khaled al-Asaad» (groundfloor)

11.30/13.00 Chocoexperience – seminar on the tasting of chocolate by Istituto Internazionale Chocolier

14.30 Show cooking di Vittorio Castellani, world food journalist & food writer, World Roots: round the world in salad bowl

16.00 International contest price award ceremony. Introduction by Gabriel Eschenazi. The president of the jury, Pietro Leemann awards the winners. Words by contest participants and jury: chef Enrico Bartolini, nutritionist Michela De Petris, gastronaut Davide Paolini, ayurvedic cook Marisa Scotto, Israeli chef Moshe Basson, enviromental biologist Carlo Modonesi.

Photos of the dishes by Yoshie Nishikawa

17.00 Biblical show cooking by Moshe Basson, Israeli chef from the Eucalyptus in Jerusalem, Before hunger, hosted by the Israeli tourism bureau

NOTE: All events are free admission limited to availability. 
«At Bartolini’s bistrot vegetarian dishes available



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