The Vegetarian Chance

So I am living without fats, without meat, without fish, but am feeling quite well this way. It always seems to me that man was not born to be a carnivore."(Albert Einstein) August 3, 1953

Domenica 7 giugno / Sunday 7th June Programma / Program

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Ecco il programma della seconda edizione del festival The Vegetarian Chance, che si svolgerà domenica 7 giugno a Milano alla Cascina Cuccagna. Here is the program of The Vegetarian Chance festival, second edition, that will be held in Milan at Cascina Cuccagna, via Cuccagna 2/4 (M3 Lodi).

TVC 2015 Locandina jpeg

International Festival of vegetarian culture and cuisine by Pietro Leemann and Gabriel Eschenazi

June 7, 2015 Un Posto a Milano restaurant and Cascina Cuccagna Cuccagna st. 2/4, corner Via Muratori

• 10.30 Show cooking by Vittorio Castellani Taboulé vs. Tabbula, salads icons of durum wheat of Middle East and Maghreb: a comparison

• 12.30 Show Cooking by Rafael Rodriguez sponsored by the trade of Peru. Cereals, potatoes and quinoa: Peru ingredients for a healthy vegetarian diet In the partners space meeting: NaturaSì, Peace Kitchen and Zardetto Prosecco (free tasting)

• 16.00 pm Award ceremony of the International contest The Vegetarian Chance. Introduces Gabriel Eschenazi, festival director and Pietro Leemann, the presidente, rewards winners

• 17.00 Japanese chef Toshio Tanahashi in cooperation with Peace Kitchen performs a show cooking about Shojin, vegetarian japanese cuisine

NOTE: The cooking shows are on free admission according to availability

In the restaurant Un Posto a Milano directed by chef Nicola Cavallaro

• 18.00 Vegetarian Aperitif (5 euro)

• 20.00 Vegetarian dinner

During the whole day the restaurant will serve exclusively vegetarian food


Our work

Now into its second edition, The Vegetarian Chance is doing so in the year of Milan’s Expo, which highlights the quality and quantity of our nutrition. Our vegetarian proposal is therefore very much in theme. Vegetarianism is gaining share among consumers, chefs, agricultural producers and industrial manufactures, a sign that the message is spreading. In Italy about 7 and a half million people declare themselves as vegetarians and according to Eurispes in 2030 they could become 30 million. The vegetable world is the solution to “feeding the planet”. Last March we organized a round table and discussed this specific subject. As a matter of fact, with our cooperation, a school in Milan has decided to hold a contest of vegetarian cuisine among its students. It’s the Istituto Comprensivo Statale Milano Spiga. Pietro Leemann will award the winners on June 4. This year TVC is twinned with Ortinfestival (, a festival of contemporary vegetable gardens that takes place at the Royal Palace of Venaria (Turin) from May 30 until June 2 with scheduled three TVC cooking shows staring Pietro Leemann, Daniela Cicioni and Jenny Sugar. The contest At the center of this year’s festival is the international competition of haute vegetarian cuisine. The participants are eight: Anders Ramsay (Stockholm – Sweden), Carla Aradelli (Piacenza – Italy), Mauro Anzideo (Yunnan – China), Nadia Morandi (Milan -Italy), Gianfranco Ceccato (Bellinzona – Switzerland), Francesco Paldera (Bari – Italy), Gianluca Casini (Dusseldorf – Germany), Giuseppe Fusco (Borgomanero, Novara – Italy). Each cook will present two dishes, one of which is entirely vegan and another one with dairy products allowed. The jury, with Pietro Leemann as chairman, will consist of Aimo e Nadia (renown Italian chefs), Daniela Cicioni (winner of the last year’s first contest), Femke Van den Heuvel (second prize last year), biologist and professor Carlo Modonesi, nutritionist and psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Erzegovesi and journalist Vittorio Castellani. The competition will take place at the Joia restaurant from 12.30 to 3:00 pm and will be open to the press and food operators that will have previously registered themselves. To note that the award ceremony will take place in Cascina Cuccagna starting 4:00 pm and will be presented by journalist Gabriele Eschenazi who, together with Pietro Leemann, envisioned and created this festival. Carlo Modonesi and Stefano Erzegovesi will talk about the scientific value of a vegetarian diet. The cooking shows The different cuisines of the world are increasingly popular in our country and thanks to them Italians have come to know many versatile products that can be used in a vegetarian cuisine. Three cooking shows (at Cascina Cuccagna) coordinated by Vittorio Castellani will lead the audience on a trip to the Middle East, Peru and Japan. The first one at 10.30 will be conducted by the same Castellani (aka Chef Kumalè) and is called Taboulé vs. Tabbula, a comparison of the icons of the durum salads of Middle East and Maghreb. To lead the second cooking show at 12:30 will be the Peruvian chef Rafael Rodriguez who will deal with tubers, cereals and quinoa, vegetarian treasures of Peru. Last show at 5:00 pm will exhibit Japanese vegetarian chef Toshio Tanahashi, master of Shojin (vegetarian Japanese cuisine) in association with Peace Kitchen. Vegetarian appetizer Starting at 6:00 pm a vegetarian appetizer will be available for tasting (cost € 5), prepared by chef Nicola Cavallaro in his restaurant Un Posto a Milano within the Cascina Cuccagna.



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